Addiction Sound Studio is the private studio of
Jonathan Cain & David Kalmusky.

Designed, by Chris Huston (Who's engineered for Led Zeppelin, War, The Who, The Animals) Jonathan & David, the cutting floor was built around the idea of being so well diffused, that you can get completely intimate micing, anywhere in the room, and the reflections never return directly to the point of origin. For example, the overheads contain very little room, and when you introduce the distant room mics, the room is huge, and alive.

With an underground echo chamber, tuned vocal booths, 2 inch and 1/2 inch Tape, as well as the latest Pro Tools HDX2 Systems, Mytek Converters, HD i/o converters, Trident consoles, with a ton of classic Neve, UA, UREI, etc gear (See Gear Page), this production environment is a rare merge of everything you can imagine from the best of "Old School", Cutting Edge & State of the Art in one production space.